Best Vertical Mouse – Reviews & Buying Guide

You are probably among many people who have used the regular mouse without concern for years. While they may appear excellent, they strain your wrist and hands. A vertical ergonomic mouse is a healthier option as it maintains the hand in a natural position.

Which is the best vertical mouse?

Choosing the best vertical mouse will depend a lot on personal preference and the purpose you intend to use it. If you wish to use the mouse in playing, you will check the ergonomics and other features that give an enjoyable gaming experience. A Vertical gaming mouse will differ from others as the gameplay will require a different level of sensitivity. While you may prefer a wireless version, someone else would wish to have a vertical ergonomic mouse that comes with a cable.

1. Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Vertical Wireless

Kensington Pro Fit Mouse
Kensington Pro Fit mouse

Kensington Pro Fit mouse has a 60o tilt. It maintains the hand in a vertical position and offers a comfortable grasp. It is among the best wireless vertical mouse. Its design ensures that the arm, wrist, and shoulder have an ergonomic alignment.

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Nine buttons are programmable to specific functions. There are three DPI settings, and it is easy to adjust the sensor’s speed and sensitivity. The Kensington Vertical wireless mouse operates using two AA batteries, lasting up to 18 months. Besides, they work with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

The scroll wheel left and right-click buttons are on the inclined surface where the hand lies naturally. The trackball is also on the inclined side, and above it is the indicator light. There are three buttons near the trackball, one of which is for the device selection, while the rest are unassigned. The two are the ones you customize using the Kensington software.

Two connections are through Bluetooth, while one is through a 2.4GHz dongle. You will find a space at the bottom to place the USB receiver when not in use. The Bluetooth vertical mouse allows you to pair to two connections. If you wish to shift from one computer to another, you can conveniently do it with a button click.

There is a small LED light that illuminates to indicate the connection you are using. There is a free TrackballWorks software that you can download and assign multiple program functions to the buttons. The Kensington Trackball has nine buttons. There are two buttons on the upper part of the device; three are on the left, the two main large primary buttons, and the scroll wheel.

The rubber grip on the scroll wheel allows you to move it using the middle finger. Although the scroll button is uneven, it is silent and gives pleasant clicking feedback when scrolled. It is possible to click and tilt the scroll wheel right and left, which is a plus to its functions.

The Kensington Pro Fit Ergo trackball is not ambidextrous. Therefore, it is only suitable for right-handed users. Compared to other Kensington trackballs, the mouse is relatively small in size. The ball is 34 millimeters.

  • It comes with a very comfortable and ergonomic natural contour design
  • There are nine customizable buttons
  • Easy to keep clean
  • It maintains the wrist, arm, and hand in a healthy posture
  • It comes with an adjustable sensitivity buttons
  • There are two types of connections that can work simultaneously
  • There is a storage section for the wireless dongle
  • There are long-lasting batteries
  • A low battery indicator to alert you when to charge
  • It supports dual Bluetooth connections
  • The free downloadable software is easy to use
  • A magnetic fulcrum allows shifting between flat and slant angle
  • It features a clickable scroll wheel
  • It operates through optical sensors
  • Some users find it large
  • It is not compact
  • It does not feature a rechargeable battery
  • The trackball housing is rigid
  • The cursor control is inconsistent.

2. Anker vertical wireless mouse

51j0zidX0VL. AC SL1364
Anker Vertical Wireless Mouse

The distinguishing feature of the Anker Vertical Wireless mouse is the vertical design that you will hold as if you are shaking hands. Compared to any regular mouse, the Anker Vertical Mouse is relatively tall. It comes with a dimension of 4.5 by 2.5 by 3.4 inches. The hand posture is almost at a right angle to the desk’s surface, which allows you to hold the mouse with only a little twisting. Therefore, it’s among the vertical ergonomic wireless mice you will encounter.

It is possible for someone suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome to push the mouse with the arm without any wrist movement. The Anker Vertical wireless mouse comes in plastic material, and the main buttons are on the side.

It gives you a premium experience, which is rare for such an affordable mouse. Although the surface appears matt, it has a slippery sensation. With a mouse with so many sharp contours, it would have been better if the cover had been a bit rubberized. The mouse is not ambidextrous, thus only suitable for right-handed people.

The wireless version of the Anker Vertical Wireless mouse uses 2 AA batteries, which should serve you for around three months. The vertical ergonomic mouse has a USB receiver for a 2.4G wireless connection. It is useful in a range of approximately three feet.

Anker vertical Mouse uses optical sensor technology, thus ideal for glossy surfaces, including glass coffee tables. It supports three DPI levels, which are 800, 1200, and 1600 for varying sensitivity levels. The click latency is noticeably high for a wireless connection mouse. The product is one of the best wireless vertical mice.

The power management system involves auto power down if there is no activity for 8 minutes. The Anker Vertical mouse has a ratcheting wheel that scrolls the page in four directions.

Though most of the features work relatively well, the back and forth buttons are inconveniently high. Therefore, it could pose a challenge when reaching them with the thumb, especially if your hand is small.

  • The mouse operates with two long-lasting AA batteries.
  • There are three DPI levels which are 800, 1200 and 1600
  • The mouse undergoes testing with more than a million clicks to assure high endurance.
  • The design has five simple buttons and a scroll wheel.
  • It has an efficient design that minimizes twisting with the wrist.
  • The mouse is comfortable and ergonomic.
  • It gives the users a premium feel, which is not familiar with such an affordable mouse.
  • It uses optical sensors that work efficiently, even in glossy surfaces.
  • There is a power-saving mode for every eight minutes of inactivity.
  • There are back and forth buttons to ease navigation.
  • It uses a wireless connection; therefore, no cumbersome wires.
  • Two buttons are not compatible with the mac users.
  • The mouse is not suitable for people with small hands.
  • The mouse texture feels a bit slippery.
  • The back and forth buttons are in an awkward high position, thus inconvenient for users with smaller hands.
  • It is relatively heavy thus somewhat difficult to lift
  • You can’t program the buttons to specific functions.

3. J- Tech Digital V628 vertical mouse

J-Tech V628
J-Tech V628

The J-Tech V628 not only has an excellent design but is also convenient to use and comes at an affordable price.  It has a height of 5.8 inches and a depth of 4 inches. Such a height profile on a vertical mouse translates to a large surface area where the hand can rest. Therefore, J-Tech is excellent for people with larger hands. When you hold the J-Tech mouse, the wrist’s angle to the desk is 40o at maximum.

The two main buttons for right and left clicks are on the right side J Tech V628 mouse, while the scroll wheel lies in the middle. The thumb rests on the back and forth button located on the left side to ease maneuvers between pages. Some people appreciate the plastic palm rest as it cushions a portion of the hand.

The vertical mouse allows you to shift between three sensitivity levels of DPI 600, 1000, and 1600. Most people prefer to maintain a low DPI level and use their full arm in moving the mouse rather than using their wrist to avoid strain.

J-Tech V628X mouse is not ambidextrous. Therefore, only right-handed people will find it ideal. Users with small hands have raised issues over the in-depth profile of the mouse. They cite challenges in aligning their fingers with the buttons while maintaining a comfortable posture. Besides, the bulky design makes it difficult to use a fingertip grip even with larger hands. The large and massive body design makes it less portable.

However, it is possible to mitigate the issue by allowing the fingers to remain loose on the vertical computer mouse rather than trying to grasp around it. The J Tech mouse is recommendable for those suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or wishes to avoid the regular mouse to solve wrist pain.

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  • The sensitivity is adjustable between 600, 1000 and 1600 DPI
  • The mouse is available in both wired and wireless versions
  • Has a convenient handshake position that prevents twisting of the wrist
  • It has a reasonable low click latency
  • A suitable large bottom that keeps your hand off the desk
  • Comfortable side buttons due to low placement
  • Six buttons in total, all of which are programmable
  • It comes with a superb optimal tracking technology
  • There are back and forth buttons for quick navigation


  • The user complains about quality defects upon arrival
  • It is not ambidextrous
  • The scroll wheel is difficult to access for users with small hands
  • The mouse has only a wired version when writing this.
  • The cable has a lot of irritating kinks.
  • There is an awkward movement of the cursor due to the off-center position of the sensor.

4. Jelly comb wireless vertical mouse

Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse
Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse

People with small hands encounter a challenge when choosing a comfortable mouse. A reduced mouse size means all parts are minor, including the arch supporting your palm. Therefore, the mouse becomes less ergonomic than the larger ones. However, the Jelly Comb vertical mouse overcomes the limitation and is thus one of the ergonomic mice suitable for small hands.

The mouse has a vertical design that simulates a handshake. It allows small hands to grab the mouse without even the slightest wrist twist.

Jelly Comb vertical mouse has a height of 2.7 inches and is 2.3 inches wide and 4 inches long.  The mouse has a conventional scroll wheel on the upper part, while the back and forth buttons are above the thumb rest. Jelly Comb vertical mouse has a whisper-quiet click that requires only a little of your effort. According to Jelly Comb, the mouse has a highly enduring design, and it undergoes stress tests of more than five million clicks as a guarantee for a long-lasting product.

The mouse has three DPI sensitivity levels 800, 1200, and 1600. You can make adjustments using a switch positioned at the rear edge of the vertical ergonomic mouse. The ability to raise the mouse’s sensitivity through a switch is crucial for people with small hands as it assists them in the rapid shifting of positions on the screen.

The Jelly Comb is wireless and uses a single AA battery. The vertical computer mouse operates through 2.4G wireless technology rather than Bluetooth to create a virtual connection. Though the absence of a Bluetooth connection may appear as a drawback, the connection through USB is steady and compatible with any device as long as there is a USB port.


  • The mouse is small and comfortable for users with smaller hands
  • A rubberized surface that gives you a gentle and soft touch
  • It is subject to over five million test clicks to assure durability.
  • It comes with numerous customization options.
  • A back and forth button enhances functionality and convenience
  • The optical sensor works efficiently
  • The wireless receiver has a precise wireless receiver
  • Has a neutral handshake position for efficient movement and less wrist strain
  • It is highly responsive with 800, 1200, and 1600 DPI.
  • It has next/previous buttons for convenient browsing.
  • The mouse is compatible with various systems and is fit for most devices.
  • It has a stable wireless technology without any interference within ten meters and 360o
  • It has a compact receiver that you can easily store when not using.
  • It uses optical tracking technology for more sensitivity on varying surfaces.


  • It uses an AA battery and is not included in the pack.
  • The small size makes it unsuitable for users with large hands.
  • The forward and back buttons are incompatible with Mac.

5. Zelotes C18 Gaming Mouse

51GTK4lAo5L. AC SL1050
zelotes C18 Vertical Mouse

Although gaming is fun, injuries such as carpal tunnel may drain the amusement out of it. Such is possible with a mouse that does not account for ergonomics. Zelotes Gaming C18 mouse comes with features to make your gaming a fantastic experience. The dimensions are 110mm by 76.5mm by 72mm, and a weight of around 165 grams. The mouse has an abundance of customizable buttons and high adjustable sensitivity levels. 

You will be quick to notice the upright mouse design of the Zelotes gaming mouse, which distinguishes it from most gaming mice. Its handshake position that it possesses reduces the pressure that would be as a result of twisting the wrist.

The sensitivity levels go to as high as 10,000 DPI, and you can easily adjust using a button positioned on the right. Zelotes gaming mouse is thus highly responsive to the most rapid games that require precision. A Light Emitting Diode (LED) shows the current DPI level.

The surface of the vertical gaming mice is smooth and rubberized. Two LED lighting bands have millions of alternating colors, a feature that boosts your mood, especially in a dark room. 

A feature that would make the Zelotes gaming mouse difficult to use for some people is the ergonomic mouse, which is a vertical design. It may be a challenge initially, but they will get used to it. Besides, it keeps the RSI at bay.

Companies manufacturing gaming mice put a lot of their attention to the DPI levels or customizable buttons and not ergonomics. Zelotes understands that and has integrated the features and topped up with the vertical shape.


  • An ergonomic vertical mouse suitable for gaming.
  • It allows you to stretch naturally, thus reducing fatigue and strain.
  • It has an onboard memory of 128KB for storing set data.
  • It can match computers that do not have the installed software.
  • It has up to eleven customizable buttons.
  • It has five direction rockers where a single roker equates to five rokers.
  • High precision in gaming with five adjustable sensitivity levels
  • The back and forth buttons are separate on the left side for convenient navigation.
  • Large footpad that is smooth and long-lasting
  • Colorful RGB light strip that accelerates mood
  • It comes with an optical tracking system that is efficient on varying surfaces.
  • It has a button life of ten million times


  • More suited for gaming thus inconvenient for office functions
  • It has a cumbersome USB cable
  • the bright LED lights could be a turn off to some users
  • Users complain of macros failure

6. Evoluent vertical mouse 4

Evoluent vertical mouse 4
Evoluent vertical mouse 4

Evoluent vertical mouse four has taken the ergonomic market by storm. It was among the best vertical mice in 2018. There are three sizes of Evoluent vertical mouse from which you can choose depending on the size of your hand and comfort.

The mouse has a sensitivity rocker through which you can switch the upright mouse pointer’s DPI levels. An LED bar displays the exact sensitivity of the mouse rather than guessing. According to the company, the mouse operates with an AA battery that lasts up to five months. It uses a 2.4GHz USB receiver.

A Bluetooth version is only compatible with Mac, according to the company. Since it does not allow Bluetooth pairing with windows, you will need to use a USB port for computers with built-in Bluetooth support.

The mouse has two main buttons on the right side. Furthermore, a middle button opens links on a different tab. The button serves the (Ctrl + left click) command. It is an ergonomic feature that allows you to execute a multi-step command with a single click.

A lip protrusion on the side of the mouse protects your pinky finger as you carry out maneuvers.  Evoluent vertical mouse 4 is excellent in protecting your wrist. However, that is at the expense of your comfort, and it is relatively less comfortable than other vertical mice. The reason behind is its handshake position that sees you rest the wrist on the side.

If you are already experiencing wrist pain, then Evoluent vertical mouse four might be what you need to prevent worsening the condition. It is quite bulky; thus, not an excellent portable companion. Another downside of the mouse is its plastic material that tends to attract some grime with time.


  • The design allows the arm to stay in a natural position, thus reducing strain.
  • It comes with a native driver, which allows customization.
  • The mouse is easy to use, merely a plug and play.
  • Suitable for both office and gaming purposes
  • It has a soft rubberized cover that gives you a smooth feeling
  • The mouse uses an optical sensor, thus suitable for various surfaces.
  • Two thumb buttons for up and down scrolling


  • The mouse is not ambidextrous, thus unsuitable for left-handed people.
  • Clicking the scroll wheel button is a bit stiff.
  • It requires the user to sit straight and close to the desk for comfortable use.

7. Logitech MX Vertical mouse

Logitech MX Vertical mouse
Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

Logitech is known to manufacture the best vertical mice. The Logitech MX Vertical mouse comes with smooth contractions and curves up to the uppermost edge. The Vertical Mouse has a 57o slope on the right side. The mouse’s dimensions are 3.09 inches by 3.11 inches by 4.72 inches. Its plastic material feels rubbery for a comfortable grasp

You will quickly notice the thumb button on one side and a branding “Logi” on the other.

Wherever your hand rests on the mouse, you will feel the soft material and the pleasant wave pattern that curves into your palm. A broad lip at the bottom keeps your hand away from the mousepad. The left and right buttons, a regular wheel, and two thumb buttons can move back and forth by default.

The Logitech MX Vertical mouse comes with a rechargeable battery. You connect the charger through a USB-C port on the foreside. A single-minute charge can take you for three hours of wireless use.

When there is a USB connection, the vertical mouse switches off the Bluetooth and RF radios, for the wireless connection, the mouse uses a threeway device pairing system, which is a new standard for the Logitech. There is a button on the bottom that you can use to toggle between a maximum of three devices sharing either Bluetooth or the RF-USB.

The MX Vertical mouse has only 4000 DPI. The downside is the difficulty in lifting, especially when using a low-sensitivity setting. Besides, the mouse lacks a ball-bearing scrolling, which is present in other MX designs and sticks to the traditional slow scroll wheel.

It is possible to rebound the middle and the two thumb buttons to any keyboard function or Logitech mouse gestures. The mouse is excellent for medium-sized hands. The MX vertical mouse comes with a refined functionality standard in gaming mice. It is possible to toggle the mouse from high to low DPI modes with a single click of the top button.


  • The shape is super comfortable.
  • The scroll wheel is electromagnetic that allows precision
  • It comes with a downloadable profile for typical applications
  • It is possible to connect to three devices
  • An impressive battery life that can go for up to 70 days
  • Short charging duration of  2-3 hours
  • Uses Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connections
  • Convenient Flow of the cursor across devices
  • Has an innovative and clickable scroll wheel
  • Larger two side buttons distinguishable from the thumb button
  • Light textured palm and thumb rest
  • It is compatible with all systems
  • The buttons are customizable
  • It has a better click latency


  • Suppressed connection when many devices connect through the wireless adapter
  • It is expensive
  • It is not an excellent travel companion due to the large size
  • It has no onboard memory

8. Penguin Wireless Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse
Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse

The penguin wireless vertical mouse is unique in the look. It is a product of Posturite and has a theme that draws its inspiration from the penguin. The penguin wireless vertical mouse is available in three different sizes. Based on whether your hand’s breadth is small, large, or medium, you will find one that suits you.

Besides, there is a wired and wireless version. With the wireless version, there is more freedom to change the mouse’s position and occupy less space of the desk. The potential drawback is the occasional loss of connection, which you won’t encounter with the wired version.

Penguin vertical mouse comes with a built-in battery. You need to charge the wireless version, which is comfortable with using a special USB cable. The penguin wireless vertical mouse comes with a 2.4Ghz USB receiver.The DPI  button is at the bottom of the mouse. You can switch the DPI between 400, 600, 800, and a maximum of 1200. The ON/OFF switch is also at the bottom of the mouse.

Your index finger’s apex is a large scroll wheel that appears exceptional and is in a horizontal orientation. The left click is on the scroll wheel’s upper side, while the right-click button is below.

There is a button near the Penguin vertical mouse base, selecting whether you wish to use it as a right or left-handed person. Therefore, it is an ambidextrous mouse, a feature that is helpful to people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They can switch between working with the right or the left hand.

On the rear side of the penguin wireless vertical mouse is a ‘P’ logo that illuminates a blue light when you move the device. It goes off when the device is idle for 20 seconds. The penguin wireless vertical mouse has a broad base where the side of the hand rests without sliding on the desk.

  • Has a vertical design that allows comfortable resting of hands
  • Central bow tie for quick transition of left and right hand
  • Precise cursor control
  • A conveniently large scroll wheel and features an automatic scroll
  • It supports various operating systems
  • It is available in three sizes to suit different hand sizes
  • Four adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Comes with an antibacterial coating
  • There is an indicator for DPI selection
  • It uses a laser sensor thus may be unsuitable for a glossy desk
  • It has a soft key-touch


  • Users complain of sticky buttons
  • The occasional difficulty in clicking the left button

9. VictSing Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

VicTsing Ergonomic Vertical Mouse
VicTsing Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

VictSing Ergonomic vertical mouse has an exceptional shape. At first, you may see it as a regular mouse, but you will then know the protrusion at the bottom. It is very comfortable to grasp the mouse with the fingers lying where they are supposed to be. You use the same fingers to click the right and left buttons and scroll the wheel. VictSing ergonomic vertical mouse has a design that lets the thumb to rest on naturally.

The right and left buttons appear so soft and barely produces any sound when clicked. The scroll wheel is in the middle of the right and left buttons. The DPI switch allows you to toggle between 800, 1200, and 1600 DPI resolutions. The thumb clicks act as the back and forth buttons when you are browsing. The VictSing ergonomic vertical mouse has no custom drivers. Therefore, you cannot program the thumb buttons for any other functions.

The upright mouse possesses a wireless receiver that you have to plug to the computer. The mouse is not rechargeable, and you have to purchase an AA battery. You don’t require any software to use the mouse. Thus installation is simply plugging and using.

There is no significant variation between the VictSing Ergonomic Vertical mouse and the regular mouse regarding usage. The functions are the same, and won’t take long to get used to them. However, VictSing vertical ergonomic the mouse is more comfortable and has a soft-touch cover that adds comfort to your palm.

The mouse will power down after eight minutes of inactivity. Starters find the VictSing Ergonomic Vertical Mouse being large and less portable compared to the regular mouse. Another downside is the lack of a rechargeable unit that you have to buy batteries. VictSing is solely a Bluetooth vertical mouse. Therefore, you have to use the dongle whenever you want to use the mouse with several machines.


  • An ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Uses optical sensors
  • There is an automatic battery saver
  • It is affordable
  • A 54o vertical incline that encourages a healthy posture
  • there are four levels of sensitivity
  • Two buttons on the side for quick navigation
  • It allows plug and play
  • Storage space for the receiver when not in use
  • Soft-touch left and right keys


  • Users with small hands find it more massive and uncomfortable
  • It uses AA batteries

10. Logitech MX Master 3 mouse

Logitech MX Master 3 Vertical mouse
Logitech MX Master 3

It is well built and comfortable with plenty of features to ease your activities. Its large size makes it suitable for medium to large hands. Other than the primary left and right buttons, there are three buttons. One is below the cradle, and the two back and forth buttons on the upper side all for your thumb.

Unlike its predecessors, MX Master 3 back and forth buttons are below the thumbwheel instead of behind it. Therefore, it allows for a more natural front and back movement, which is an improvement. The gesture button is at the base of the thumb cradle and works together with the mouse gesture. When you press the button, and the mouse moves up, there is a Mission Control launch.

The scroll wheel is in the middle of the right and the left buttons. It can switch automatically from scrolling to spinning. That is when you wish to scroll a long page. You set between either the free-spinning or scrolling mode with a mode button below the scroll wheel.

You can use Logitech’s software to customize and assign the mouse buttons with specific functions. It stores the settings to the cloud such that you carry them when you use the mouse with another device. Therefore, you will need to create a Logitech’s account.

The mouse comes with a rechargeable battery. According to Logitech, you can use the MX Master vertical ergonomic mouse for 70 days before recharging. The vertical computer mouse can pair with a maximum of three devices through Bluetooth. An Easy-Switch button below the mouse shows the connected devices using numbers.

If you regularly use multiple devices, the MX Master 3 ergonomic mouse comes with another helpful feature, the Flow. It allows you to switch between two computers by moving the cursor through the edge of the screen. The downside is that the mouse is not ambidextrous and thus only suitable for right-handed people. Besides, users with small hands may fail to grasp all the buttons with their fingers.


  • The shape is super comfortable.
  • The scroll wheel is electromagnetic that allows precision
  • It comes with a downloadable profile for typical applications
  • It is possible to connect to three devices
  • An impressive battery life that can go for up to 70 days
  • Short charging duration of  2-3 hours
  • Uses Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connections
  • Convenient Flow of the cursor across devices
  • Has an innovative and clickable scroll wheel
  • Larger two-side buttons distinguishable from the thumb button
  • Light textured palm and thumb rest
  • It is compatible with all systems
  • The buttons are customizable
  • It has a better click latency


  • Suppressed connection when many devices connect through the wireless adapter
  • It is expensive
  • It is not an excellent travel companion due to the large size
  • It has no onboard memory

11. Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

The mouse gives a comfortable grip in addition to other fantastic features. It has an optimal incline of 66o; thus, it is right to transition a  modern vertical mouse and the traditional mice. The mouse is easy and convenient to use, and the gravity of your hand is enough without frequent movement of the thumb and fingers. Therefore, there is reduced pressure on your nerves and muscles that would lead to strain.

The Goldtouch Semi-vertical Mouse is 4.3 inches long, 3.25 inches high, and 3.125 inches wide.  The mouse not only gives you a comfortable grip but also precise accuracy. The exceptional semi-vertical design allows it to perfectly fit your hands’ delineation. To add to the comfort, the Goldtouch Semi Vertical Mouse has a protrusion with ergonomic features.

You can keep the palm away from the table, thus moving the entire arm rather than the wrist alone when controlling the mouse. The texture is anti-slip with a rubber coating on the upper surface that allows for easy grasping and maximizes comfort. The gold touch semi-vertical mouse has six buttons. It is possible to program the buttons to specific functions.

The scroll wheel is at the center of the traditional left and right buttons. A single click of a button will toggle you through the different DPI levels. In addition to the thumb keys, there is a page forth and back buttons. It has 800, 1200, 1600 DPI levels. The Goldtouch Semi-vertical mouse operates with a 2.4 GHz wireless technology.

Gold touch Semi vertical mouse operates with two AAA batteries (not included). The two stacks horizontally on top of each other and lasts for long. Another exceptional feature of the mouse is its adjustable weights. It is possible to do weight customization through detaching or reattaching its four weight blocks, which measures five grams each.

  • An ergonomic vertical design
  • Smooth transition from the regular mouse
  • Ease to click with the gravity of the hand
  • It allows weights customization
  • Ideal incline for optimal comfort and hand posture
  • A rubberized cover that gives a comfortable feel
  • A detachable flange accessory keeps your arm off the bench
  • The quick set up allows plug and play
  • It comes with six standard buttons
  • Has a convenient thumb and back/forth button
  • There is a compartment underneath the mouse for storing the dongle
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Compatible to several systems without drivers
  • It is not rechargeable.
  • It is not suitable for left-handed people

Things to consider before buying a Vertical Mouse

Below are some important features you must consider while buying a vertical ergonomic mouse.

The sensors

Some tasks require faster execution than others. When choosing a vertical ergonomic mouse, consider whether its dots per inch (DPI) key is adjustable. It will help in increasing the speed of the cursor. A laser mouse uses a laser beam while an optical mouse uses Light Emitting Diodes for illumination. Lasers are more sensitive as they tend to scan more DPI. Besides, they can work on any surface. On the other hand, the optical sensors won’t work appropriately on glossy surfaces. The advantage of the optical sensors is that they are affordable. 

Cursor movement

You need to consider is whether you require precise movement of the cursor. For such, you will need a mouse that won’t occupy the entire hand. It will give you enough room for manipulation to have accurate cursor control. However, if you are not planning to move the hand frequently, you can pick a larger ergonomic vertical mouse. Furthermore, finding a vertical computer mouse that you can comfortably use with both the right and the left hand will be better.


If possible, you can choose a wireless or a wired ergonomic vertical mouse. A wireless version is convenient when it comes to changing your posture. You can use a wireless mouse on any side of the keyboard. Furthermore, the loading on your shoulder is less when the mouse is close to your body. The downside of the wired version could be the cumbersome cable. Most of the users complain of a hurting shoulder, which may be even higher due to the cable’s hindrances for the wired version.


An excellent vertical ergonomic mouse should allow your hand and wrist to remain in a neutral posture. Also known as the position of rest, the position facilitates accuracy and promotes comfort.

Weight of the mouse

You will always need to lift the mouse when your cursor is at the end of the page to reposition it. A vertical ergonomic mouse that you can easily lift is critical for your work efficiency. Besides, the weight, together with the size, determines whether the mouse is an excellent travel companion. 

Benefits of vertical ergonomic mouse

The use of an ergonomic vertical mouse comes with a couple of benefits.

It maintains a natural posture for the arm.

The main objective of using a vertical ergonomic mouse is to reduce strains related to computers. The design targets to ensure the wrist, arm, and hand is in a neutral posture to achieve it. When using the regular mouse, the thumb tends to rotate inwards, which leads to a slight twisting of the arm. An ergonomic vertical mouse maintains the arm, wrist, and hand in a neutral position.

Reduction in muscle activity

Pronation is the slight twisting position of the arm common with the use of a traditional mouse. Vertical positioning of the arm reduces pronation. Larger muscles are responsible for manipulating the vertical ergonomic mouse instead of the small ones present near the wrist. Therefore, there is reduces muscle activity, which in turn reduces strain.

Less potential for injury

Did you know that over 10% of employees suffer from a particular form of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)? In the ergonomic industry, such conditions widely relate to computer mouse’s frequent use with poor design. The state has seen people spend up to months away from their job, and the worst side is that it may require operations.

With a vertical ergonomic mouse, the arm has a proper orientation, and there is decreased muscle activity. Therefore, the risk of injury is low. Besides, it prevents wrist pain as the hand is in an appropriate position.

How do you hold a vertical mouse?

Tips on holding a vertical mouse:

  1. Relax all your fingers and thumb on the mouse
  2. Let the weight of your hand rest on the side of your pinky finger.
  3. There should be an even contact on the underside of the wrist.

The question may seem ridiculous, but do you know how to use a vertical mouse? However, the focus is not on how to hold it but on how to maneuver the device to control it. Grasping a vertical mouse is straightforward. The shape usually guides the arm and wrist on how to keep the mouse in a handshake posture.

How to maneuver a vertical mouse?

There are two ways through which you can maneuver the mouse. The two have their pros and cons. You will choose one that suits you best. 

Method 1:

You rest the entire arm on the bench. Then use the elbow as the pivot as you slightly lift the forearm off the bench to move the mouse. It is easier than having to lift the entire arm.


  • It protects the median nerve by maintaining a still wrist all the times


  • It needs ample working space to give space for the whole arm

Method 2:

You maneuver the mouse as you pivot the wrist back and forth just as the case with a regular mouse.


  • It requires little effort compared to pivoting using the elbow.
  • Cons

It does not protect the wrist and median nerve fully.


If you have been hurting after using a computer, then it’s time you should consider a vertical ergonomic mouse. It is crucial in decreasing muscle activity and avoiding compression of soft wrist tissues. The above review takes you through a wide range from which you won’t miss one that suits your preference.

The Logitech MX Vertical mouse takes the win here. The design offers a superb natural grip to the hand. The soft texture and the lip at the bottom that keep the hand off the desk are additional ergonomic features. Besides, it comes with both wired and wireless connections.

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