GCam – Record Video From iSight

Ever wish you had a simple little application for recording video clips from your Apple iSight, another webcam, or a DV camcorder? With GCam 1.2, you can do just that: record QuickTime .mov format files with selectable video and audio compression, save the clips to your Mac, and then edit them, email them, or just watch them at your leisure… for free!

Grab And Use Video Clips Anywhere

Gcam 1.2 runs on any OS X Macintosh and accepts video input from any video camera that is natively recognized by your Mac and by Quicktime. Used with your iSight, GCam 1.2 creates a virtual, high quality, fully functional DV camcorder. Used with a DV camcorder, GCam creates a fully capable video recording system.

Click the Start Recording button on the GCam monitor window, use the Pause control to start and stop recording, and simply click the Stop Recording button to end your recording session, and to automatically save the .mov format clip you just created to your desktop. After you’ve collected your clips, you can then open them in Quicktime (or Quicktime Pro), Final Cut Pro or Express, Avid, or any NLE software that reads a .mov video file. You can even drag and drop your GCam clips directly into iMovie 3, as well!

The Power Of Quicktime

Since GCam 1.2 runs on top of the Apple Quicktime engine, all of the file format and compression features of Quicktime are available when viewing, recording, and saving your GCam clips, only depending upon whether you use Quicktime or Quicktime Pro on your Mac. GCam clips can be saved at either 160×120, 320×240, 640×480, 720×480 pixel resolution (plus several new PAL resolutions), giving you several choices between high quality or smaller file sizes… with the smaller frame sizes perfect for email movies to friends, family, or business associates.

Not Exotic, Just Really Useful

Give GCam a permanent home in your Dock, and you’ll find yourself developing new, useful habits… like firing up GCam to make a brief video to email that special message… in full-motion video, instead of stale text.

  • And… It’s Free!
  • GCam 1.2 is free to download and to use and distribute as you wish. It is MacMice’s gift to the Mac community. Enjoy!
  • GCam 1.2 Is A Free