iFlex Desktop Accessory For Macintosh

You’ve seen our SightFlex iSight stand, and think it’s cool. But… you’re a Powerbook or iBook user, and you don’t want the heavy base to lug around with your Apple notebook. What do you do? Well, here’s your answer… the iFlex… the world’s only flexible metal tube Firewire extension for Apple’s iSight webcam.

The iFlex is a fully shielded, high-quality Firewire cable inside a carefully engineered all-metal flexible tube. It’s 18-inches long and is specifically crafted with just the right stiffness and shape-holding rigidity to provide an easily adjustable stalk for mounting your iSight.

Nearly Unlimited Mounting Options

The iFlex simply plugs into the Firewire port on your Powerbook or iBook… any model, old or new, with a Firewire port. The other end of the iFlex plugs into the Firewire port underneath your iSight webcam, giving you a high quality electrical and data signal connection. Once the two ends are plugged in, you can play around with the location and the shape of the iFlex and find just the right position for your iSight.

The weight of the iFlex and iSight combination is modest and presents no risk of damage to your Firewire port on your Powerbook or iBook. And, the easy flexibility of the iFlex makes some pretty outrageous mounting positions possible. Some well-balanced positions can be achieved with the iFlex rising from the Firewire port, unsupported. Even more extreme positions can be gained by bending the iFlex so that it is supported by the desktop surface.

Get The Perfect Picture

Apple is right when they say that the best video chat happens when the webcam is located as close to the video chat window on your screen as possible. With the iFlex, getting that perfect position just became simple. If you want, you can locate the iSight webcam directly in front of your Powerbook or iBook screen, actually overlapping the edge of your iChatAV chat window. Or, you can locate the iSight anywhere you like, either in front of or behind the Powerbook’s or iBook’s display… your choice, no restrictions.

The Bottom Line

We built the iFlex in answer to our customers. They have asked continually for a lighter version of the SightFlex, for use specifically with their Powerbooks or iBooks. We’re proud to now offer the iFlex in answer to this request. We think you’ll agree that it’s a truly cool and clever little solution for iChatAV/iSight users on the go.