The Mouse

A year ago, we asked a simple question. With dozens upon dozens of Mac compatible mice on the market, why hasn’t someone actually built the one that everyone has been asking for? With dozens or hundreds of elegantly crafted Mac accessory products on the market, sporting a bright white with a clear cover design theme, why hasn’t someone built a nice multi-button scroll wheel optical mouse that is bright white with a clear cover?

We still don’t know the answer to those questions, but we stopped asking, and just spent the last year designing the nicest white and clear mouse we could create. And, finally, after many months of work, here is the result of our labor: The Mouse.

Now we, and you can stop waiting for “the mouse” we’ve all wanted. It’s here. Enjoy.

More Than Good Looks

First, let’s make something clear: The Mouse is a premium, state of the art USB mouse. With carefully engineered balance and weight; 800cpi tracking resolution; a fast, responsive optical tracking mechanism; and its clever split-shell upper housing, this is one serious rodent. There is nothing cheap about The Mouse.

The Mouse was intended from the start to be a workhorse product for professional Macintosh users. The accuracy, speed, and smooth handling make it a dream for anyone working on large screens and with tight-accuracy projects. Pixel level editing is a snap with The Mouse.

It was certain from the start of this project that the perfect Mac-compatible mouse would have to have a seamless, one-piece upper shell. And, after experimenting with many possibilities, we landed on what we believe to be the best solution on the market: a one-piece clear shell with its front half split. Each front half surface acts as a separate mousing button, giving the solid feel and responsiveness users demand, but with the complete freedom afforded by two separate mousing buttons. The nicely muted semi-clear scroll wheel sits between the two split surface areas and also includes a third button switch underneath.

The 3-Button Scroll Mouse For The Rest Of Us

While some Mac users will always prefer the OEM 1-button mouse, many of us have become fans of the multi-button mouse species. Until now, though, it hasn’t been possible to gain the functional advantages of a multi-button mouse without abandoning the clean, pure design theme of Apple’s OEM accessories. Now, there is such an option.

What About Driver Software?

What good would the prettiest mouse in the world be without great driver software? With this idea in mind, the entire time we have been working on building the perfect mouse, we’ve been working on building the perfect mouse drivers, as well.

Our MouseCommand v10 and MouseCommand v9 USB mouse drivers are full-featured, rock-solid drivers, ready to satisfy even the most demanding multi-button mouse users.

Assignable scroll button, left-handed operation, adjustable clicking and motion, built-in adjustable cursor acceleration, reversible horizontal scrolling… and with free downloads of future enhancements to MouseCommand, your drivers will never be an impediment to using and enjoying The Mouse.

The v9 driver works with Mac OS 8.5.1 through 9.2.2, and the v10 version works with Mac OS 10.1 through the latest version of Panther… in fact, we’ve specifically tweaked MouseCommand to exploit every bit of muscle Panther adds to your Mac. You’re welcome to download either version of MouseCommand now from our products page, and check it out for yourself.

The Mouse That Roars

Are we excited about this product? You bet… it’s the culmination of our entire extended team’s efforts, going back into 2002, to create the ultimate Mac-compatible USB scroll mouse. We believe we’ve hit that mark, and we invite you to drive The Mouse yourself and see if you don’t agree with us. This really is the mouse you’ve always wanted. And, it’s only available from MacMice.