Things You Don’t Know About Macmice

MacMice is the retail brand of a Taiwan company that is one of the premier computer peripheral products design and manufacturing firms in the world. Orders placed here are processed and shipped from our Canadian distributor’s facility in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Who manufactures MacMice products?

The MacMice Company is a fifteen-year-old design and manufacturing company located in Taipei, Taiwan. The products we design are manufactured by our own factory or are licensed to be manufactured by other factories, each the one we judged best qualified to build that type of product.


Typically, the name and location of the factory are marked on the product packaging, as we encourage our suppliers to take pride and responsibility in their workmanship, and to promote their own company identity. Don’t forget to check out step by step guide to install Showbox app

So, who am I buying from here?

You are purchasing your products directly from the MacMice Canadian distributor, Atlantia Holdings Inc. (AHI Canada), a British Columbia, Canada corporation.  All products sold by are of original design and are exclusively available through MacMice.

‘Exclusive?’ I have seen some of these products being sold in other places!

The MacMice design team previously created many products for other companies, and these were sold under other brands. We have reacquired the exclusive rights to some of the nicer early products, have worked with our factory partners to improve them, and, have brought them into our exclusive lineup.

It is possible that early versions of these products are still being sold from old inventory elsewhere. Over time, the early products will disappear, leaving only the fresh new versions being sold by MacMice. If you want to play Pokemon Go then have look.