Things You Don’t Know About Macmice

MacMice is the retail brand of a Taiwan company that is one of the premier computer peripheral products design and manufacturing firms in the world. Orders placed here are processed and shipped from our Canadian distributor’s facility in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Who manufactures MacMice products?

The MacMice Company is a fifteen-year-old design and manufacturing company located in Taipei, Taiwan. The products we design are manufactured by our own factory or are licensed to be manufactured by other factories, each the one we judged best qualified to build that type of product.


Typically, the name and location of the factory are marked on the product packaging, as we encourage our suppliers to take pride and responsibility in their workmanship, and to promote their own company identity. Don’t forget to check out step by step guide to install Showbox app

So, who am I buying from here?

You are purchasing your products directly from the MacMice Canadian distributor, Atlantia Holdings Inc. (AHI Canada), a British Columbia, Canada corporation.  All products sold by are of original design and are exclusively available through MacMice.

‘Exclusive?’ I have seen some of these products being sold in other places!

The MacMice design team previously created many products for other companies, and these were sold under other brands. We have reacquired the exclusive rights to some of the nicer early products, have worked with our factory partners to improve them, and, have brought them into our exclusive lineup.

It is possible that early versions of these products are still being sold from old inventory elsewhere. Over time, the early products will disappear, leaving only the fresh new versions being sold by MacMice. If you want to play Pokemon Go then have look.

Macmice Simplifies Connecting Music Instruments To Computer

Macmice was a music instrumental gadgets and their technical issue discussion forum but now it’s service was expired. In earlier days it will let you know the things which are going to release on market, Instrumental experts can review and write technical issue and performance about gadget in Macmice.

It will let us know instrumental use and how to connect multiple gadgets to record our own voice and convert it into audio tracks to entertainment for movie buffs . Generally we all are using software’s to record voice, like iPhone Garage band or logic, to build tracks from home you need to do few external connections to your computer.


Here we will guide you how to setup whole technical instruments, this was entirely new technique just connect all your instruments and microphones to computer, this total set up will be smaller than any musical setup to made music from home.

You need to understand one high quality music instruments will give you best music compare to non quality instruments. So, try to adopt new technology instruments to give fresh music to audience and music lovers. Connecting any high quality music instruments like guitar plug and mic plug, electric guitar and dynamic microphone to computer you need single USB cable.

New Step By Step Guidelines To Install Sling TV

Want to watch movies and TV shows from the web without any cost? Then you must install Sling TV app on your on the device to accomplish your desire. Sling TV is a famous entertainment movie streaming application which was developed for Android users mainly.

Sling TV Download

Sling TV app does offer many more advanced features to explore it on your device. Sling TV App has decent UI and design to attract the people and movie buffs. You can download all your favorite stuff from Sling TV app and watch downloaded stuff whenever you feel free. To catch up on the latest movies, you must install Sling TV, to get this astonishing app to follow the report below.

Step By Step Guidelines To Install Sling TV

What movies download from online is the much difficult one to avoid it we have mentioned video streaming service below to install. Generally, we used to download movies and TV shows via Torrents, but it is time was taken and challenging procedure.

This Sling TV App is Available on their Offical Sling TV Blog. They are also providing this movies app on Windows.

  • Download and install Android emulator BlueStacks to go head process.
  • Once you are done the installation of BlueStacks successfully, open it and fill required data.
  • Now Download latest of Sling TV Apk file from the above given link.
  • Open Sling TV Apk file with BlueStacks android emulator to install it.
  • It will sync with the device and install successfully if you have any trouble feel free to shoot comment.
  • Let’s start watching the latest and old collection of movies and TV shows.

Resolution of content later on your device capability and strength; you can view the video in high definition manner on the device with the help of Sling TV. We have only a few movie subscription apps are available in the media market in present technical era.

Bluestacks Free Download For MAC & Windows 10 PCs

What is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is a Silicon Valley-based company which is currently developing advanced technology which allows users to easily run their Android applications on x86 and x64 based devices systems. According to reports, their initial version which was referred to as beta 1 was released on 27 March in the year 2012.

Bluestacks app player is designed in such a way that it allows all kind of Android applications to run freely on PC’s, apple’s macOS and Microsoft Windows. However, Bluestacks app player basic features are free to download but for the advanced optional feature, one may occur some monthly pay by simply subscribing.

download Bluestacks

Features of Bluestacks

Below are some exclusive features of Bluestacks:

  • Developer friendly

Testing performance of Android applications once the coding is done was expensive, but with the newly introduced App player, developers have included reduced cost since once the developers are through coding, then the performance test can be done on the player.

  • Simultaneous multitasking with no compromising of its performance

Bluestacks supports much application, more so the player can support more than three tasks, i.e. the player can multi-task without compromising its performance.

  • Fast updates

The company releases updates after a short period of time making the app player more stable and easy to work on.

  • Similar to Android devices

The Bluestack app player in all aspects resembles the android player. The idea of the developers of this player was to make things easier to users since most of the users are used to Android applications.

  • Easy installation

Bluestacks installation is simple and fast and doesn’t really require knowledge on how to install. Below you will find the steps involved in installing the Bluestacks app player on your MAC and PC systems.

How to download Bluestacks on MAC

Below are simple steps to follow when installing the Bluestacks setup on your MAC:

  1. First, download the Bluestacks.DMG File from the Bluestacks website.
  2. Then, open the installer package (set-up) from the download folder on your MAC
  3. As you install the package, you will receive a pop-up message saying “system extension blocked.” To fix this issue, then you need to first open the ‘security preference’ which you will find it on the pop-up and then click ‘Allow’ in ‘security and privacy’
  4. Then, drag and drop the app icon in the installer package so as to initiate the installation process.
  5. Finally, after installation is completed successfully, you can then run the android emulator and enjoy.

How to download Bluestacks on Windows 10 Computers

Below are simple steps to follow when installing the Bluestacks setup on your PC:

  1. First, download the Bluestacks.EXE file from the Bluestacks official website.
  2. Then, open the .exe file which after downloading will be saved in the download folder on your PC. NB; run the .exe file offline and install it as administrator.
  3. After running the .exe file (setup), save the executed file on drive C: as your preferred hard drive.
  4. Accept the terms and condition and then click the finish button to complete the installation.
  5. Finally, after the installation is completed, you are ready to go, open the app player and enjoy on your PC.

Final verdict

Unlike other android emulators, Bluestacks provide a sophisticated and exclusive feature which other platforms cannot provide to its users. In addition to this, the package comes with an active community whereby any answer or thoughts can be answered. Anyone seeking information or rather simple answers about Bluestacks, then, the forum will provide this answers to them.

Moreover, Bluestacks day in day out is doing all the updates and adjustments just to suit people needs. These updates are run now and then just to ensure minor changes are fixed or even removal of bugs which might have been left from the previous update.

This Is Why Pokemon Go Is So Famous Now!

What is beating the Candy Crush Saga hands down? No idea? It’s the latest game from the Pokemon series, the Pokemon Go app from Nintendo. What began as a simple Pokemon challenge in 2014 gradually turned into one of the hottest selling gaming apps, breaking all records.

The latest news is, those who have played the officially released version of Pokemon Have leaked footages of the game and the visuals and the graphics seem pretty impressive. Users are now trying to grab the beta version of the game since Nintendo is testing the beta version in some countries like Japan. However, people from any country can make Pokemon go app download on their devices with that guide.

  • Do Check: The best free movies app for Android.

While almost all of the users who have played Pokemon Know that the game involves augmented reality. It means, where the users can choose their avatars which are mapped to real-time on the location map.

Players have to go out and traverse their locality to catch the wild Pokemons with a Poke Ball and capture them and add to their collection; there are several interesting facts about Pokemon Go that probably many users are not aware. You can get the Pokemon app on ApkMirror.

pokemon go popularity

1. Pokemon Go climbed to the all top charts within ten hours.

2. This app is giving the users a lot of exercises. Since the users have to go out and capture pokemons, they have to move around a lot. Players have to view the location of the Pokémon. Location can be anywhere in their local park, temples, fountains, etc. and the users have to use their mobile’s front camera actually to search and view the pokemons on their smartphone screen.

3. This gaming app is giving a boost to the side businesses like cabs since many users would want to avoid this compulsory “exercise and play” game and instead opt for secure means to reach physical stops like Poker stops and Pokegyms where they can collect virtual items and power up their collected Pokemons by Gym trainers.

4. Pokemon Go is one of the first forays of Nintendo in the mobile market, and this game might well give a total makeover to it if the popularity is anything to go.

5. Nintendo is collecting a lot of personal data because they can store the users’ location and activities through GPS and cameras and they can share this information with the third party. Those who log in through Google give access to their Google Docs and other Gmail documents. Niantic can use this exorbitant amount of data in any way they wish to, which might leave the user privacy compromised.

6. This game app brings Augmented Reality (AR), a blend of practical elements with the real world into the mainstream. In spite of all these, users are hooked into this gaming app and its time you had a try at this app which is breaking all records!